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High Hopes: Raising Awareness of the Benefits of Medical Marijuana
Through Comedy & Compassion

Links — The father of the hemp marijuana movement. Everyone should own a copy of his book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes." — Americans for Safe Access' site. Sign up for their emails. They're a great org. that's got it all together. — Join Marijuana Policy Project's email list too. They do great stuff and do it right. — A wonderful overview of medical marijuana. Lots of answers to the many questions. — Angel Raich's great site. She's the one currently suing John Ashcroft. Lots of info and some good links. — A site for medical marijuana news & info. — Sign up for their free email service and keep current with news services from across America. — Everyone should be a member; the site has excellent links. — 'cuz California rocks!! — Every Canadian should visit this site. Great stuff with great links. Every visit to Toronto should include a visit to this store. — "They're coming out of the closet to stand up for equal rights." — Has lots of medical marijuana research papers. — The Media Awareness Project is a world- wide network dedicated to drug drug reform. — Good to read before you get stopped by the police. — Worldwide listings and lots of great stuff. — Also known as Drug Reform Coordinated Network ( Great site for doing research. — Created in May 2002 to provide medical marijuana users with information to assist them in their responsible use of medical marijuana. — The only place to ever buy any type of weighing scale. — 'cuz it's the family business.

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